The Journal of Albion Moonlight

The Journal of Albion Moonlight series derives its title and inspiration from a work of experimental prose written by American poet Kenneth Patchen during the summer of 1940, just preceding America’s plunge into WWII.   I was drawn to Patchen partly because of my own experience as a child whose parents, while marked by the war, had remained eerily silent about it; my experiences seemed to point to the ways in which the triumphal story of “the just war” might have served to suppress other ways of representing its history and haunting after-effects.  Patchen’s multilayered, visionary writing is concerned both with the recovery of a lost history—that of pacifist resistance in the early stages of WWII—and with an exploration of how historical trauma tends to have disordering effects on storytelling:  Patchen’s novel is a pastiche of styles and modes.  My paintings try to capture this haunted storytelling, in scenes that evoke narrative moments that seem to be overlaid with other, partly occluded scenes.

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