June 30

June 30   After supper today I went up in a bomber.  The pilot was a nice young chap.  He said that he was sixteen, but he looked younger.  His name was G.R. Deakon.

He showed me how to release the bombs. I tried out a couple.  It was fun, of a kind.

I dropped one on a little feed mill.  The miller went up like a geranium opening.  His head, which had come off at once, kept yelling “Cleo! Cleo!” going higher and higher until it whizzed by us.

G.R. grinned.

My next fell in a field covered with cows.  It worked great on the cows.  It must have been a new experience for them, being cut to pieces by something costing thirty thousand dollars.  We were using good bombs.

from The Journal of Albion Moonlight
© Kenneth Patchen 1941


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