May 18

May 18    The first communication from Roivas!  After informing us that he would be unable to appear in Galen during the period set for our meeting, he gave warning of an exact, definable danger…

from The Journal of Albion Moonlight
© Kenneth Patchen 1941


One Response to “May 18”

  1. dear douglas paisley, i came to your blog via matt kish’s own. i enthusiastically followed his moby dick project, have some of his works on my walls and keep in touch. i was immediately spellbound before your creations. and then i saw you had done illustrations for The Journal of Albion Moonlight! it so happens i was so taken with that book many years ago i endeavoured to translate it into french, bit by bit over the years and finally it was published by a major publishing house [flammarion] in 79. and it so happens, furthermore and serendipitously, that a smaller but interestingly selective publisher is about to do a new edition [same translation] en 2014. i will forward the link to your work to them.
    so, i wanted to tell you and thank you. []
    [i love this page/image particularly well]
    [would they do a new illustrated cover using some of your art, i wonder?]
    to be continued…

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