June 19

June 19    Are you heavy laden?  Throw off your load.  Do you understand this?   Your backs are bent under the junk of property, which you came by because of your fear.  You were afraid to possess your soul, so you went by the wayside and acquired property.  It has been said that property is theft:  I say that property is murder.  The hands of dying children reach up through your bread.  You beat me with your stick.  You made the war.  Even now you take the side of murder.  Your dollars become rifles:  you will protect with the last drop of somebody else’s  blood what was never yours.  You walk over my face.  I am the poor.  I am the one in whose house you live.  It is my food you eat.

from The Journal of Albion Moonlight
© Kenneth Patchen 1941

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